Whose norms is it anyways

I always feel so lost, so unfocused, unmotivated, idk just not where I should be. But, where should I be? Society has created so many social norms that we try to follow. Everyone wants to fit in, no one wants to stand out. Its as if we’re scared to be looked at, to be judged, to be ourselves. As I get older and begin to really find myself,  I realize that maybe I don’t want to fit into the mold of society’s norms. I’m beginning to realize a lot of the things that  I wanted while growing up, weren’t things that I-Kat, wanted for herself, but rather what society wanted for her, what society wanted Kat to want for Kat. I never really wanted to be a doctor, I just liked the idea of being a doctor, what I was taught about doctors, what it meant to be a doctor in society. As I get older, I am beginning to deconstruct all ideas that have been implanted in my young impressionable mind. I do not want to work a 9-5 doing a job that causes me to develop ulcers and daily migraines, I do not want to  limit my life to waiting for the weekend, I want to enjoy every second of my life the way I want to and see fit.

It’s come to the point where we label individuals who are comfortable being themselves, breaking out of social norms, as “Weird”. How?..How sway???How are these individuals weird. Why is it weird to not want to work a 9-5 and only have the weekends off. Why is it weird to want a polygamist marriage or relationship (however not my cup of tea). Why is it weird to realize society ain’t shit and you no longer want to be part of it, so you move to a island and become your own society ( you know what I mean, don’t be difficult). But why? Hmmm why are people who choose to break out of social norms considered weird. Maybe we’re weird because we feel the need to not live like robots and follow rules set up for us by another set of humans. Maybe if we weren’t so judgmental we wouldn’t be so afraid of being judged. I admire and appreciate people who do not care about being judged or being different. Its beautiful, you feel their freedom. They radiate this energy, an energy that feels freeing, happy, relaxed. This then leads to my question “what is weird?”. Is it wearing clothes that make you comfortable and allow you to express yourself. Is it choosing to start an all vegan diet, when you been taught all your life “meat is neat” ( I think I made that up, or heard before). Is weird choosing to quit your corporate job to start a life in the Congo Jungle. Or, is being weird synonymous with being happy. Is weird to be happy regardless of judgment, fear, acceptance and norms. Some of the happiest  people Ive met are weird. They’re all weird. And I’m at the point where I am okay with being weird. Fuck society.

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  1. Normal is neurotic ” weird” is wonderful! Keep it up!


    1. Lies of Our Fathers says:

      Hey thanks for actually reading it! Weird is wonderful!

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      1. You have good stuff!


  2. Weird seems to be the new synonym of happy. Unfortunately we live in an era were norms are followed and not challenged!…but it’s time we change… ideologies like yours is what the world needs…..

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    1. Lies of Our Fathers says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments 🙂

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