To Situationship or not to Situationship

Before we begin,

What is a “Situationship”?

We stay on the phone for 22 hours out of the day, go out on “dates”, cuddle, share insecurities and watch Bob’s Burger, but we don’t call it a relationship… we jokingly(?) label it as a Situationship.

Young people of my generation-I scream from the rooftop. Where did our parents fuck up? Do you see and understand my confusion. Can you understand why I might be so perplexed, by this umm how do we call it “Situationship”. Why our inability to be in real relationships, have caused us to accept, want and be trapped in this 2016 Dating scene of Situationships.

Okk..Now, Back to me….

So you he says, “Well you knew what it was from the jump”, “why do I need to define or put a title on what we have?” You say that I’m being too sensitive, and over-thinking things “Yo. Its not that deep, we don’t need to explain it as long as we got it. Who cares about what other people think.”

But I care….. And its so confusing because I’m not sure I really do care. I know confusing. I care because our time together is my escape from the world-from my problems. I love spending time with you. But when we’re not together I over-think, get my self siccckkkkk, thinking about everything, things that I’m not sure I have the rights, or better yet should be worrying about. Cause well we’re not in a relationship. But I feel like we are or, maybe its that because of everything we do together from watching our weekly shows together to cuddling, to all the nasty shit we do 😉

So one might say, well then ask for a relationship, ask for a title. But I not sure if its the title I want, I think I might just want everything else..ughhh that sounds so stupid *sidenote: sometimes I think we obsess over titles because society tells us we should, but then I’m  like wellll…why not just have the title if your basically doing everything listed in w.e said title*

Im just so fucking confused lol.

All I know is…I just want you around, but I cringed at the reality that I am in a Situationship.

We have fun together

We genuinely laugh together

Im myself around you- weird, goofy, disgusting, playful, dramatic, hot-headed.

So do I make conditions for our Situationship. Can I make conditions for our Situationship. Do I have rights to make rules for our Situationship. 

WTF Kat get you entire life ma’m!

Obviously, subconsciously, I have stepped into this shitty, confusing, some-how-part-of-this-new-dating-generationWhat Thee-F thing called a Situationship.

I hate how this post sounds…Im not just a sad girl with low self-esteem or maybe I am..idk


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