Alone time>People time.


A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.



Can you just respect the fact that I do not feel like talking. No not for 5 minutes, nor for 3. Just let me be! I chose the corner spot for a reason Sally. No, my smile is not an invitation for conversation. I just don’t want you to mistake my need to be alone for being a bitch. Oh no no no no. What?! No… I do I care not neither here, nor there, about the weather, your dislike for your roommates, or your boyfriend’s roommate, or your boyfriend.

But, Please. Please do not. Do not exclude me. Include me in your group conversation, even if I’ll probably just sit there, nodding and say “yeah”. Wait, no! I will not be participating, but trust you have an open ear.

Also, please understand that I still expect an invitation out- even if I’m only going to decline that invitation. It’s not that I don’t want to see you, or that I don’t miss you. My home needs me more. These sheets need me, these pillows they need me, this bed-this bed, it too needs me. I don’t want to rain on your parade, be a party pooper, or kill the vibe. I just, I just know me. To much chatter, and my brain goes splatter ( no?). But, you BETTER still invite me out, even if you know I’m going to just say no. Having a small gathering in your home? Inviting all your close extroverted friends? Lots of chatting? Loads of mingling? Should you invite me or not? There is only one answer for all these questions. YES. I mean, well duh, I’m going to have to decline. But, how rude of you not to still slip an invite. We’re friends!







Image taken from: ig- @dope_black_art

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