If you focus on WHY people do the things they do. You will go CRAZY.

Focusing on people and why they do the things they do will drive you crazy. We live in a world that has created a society filled with Angry, Selfish, Paranoid and Inconsiderate individuals.

Our society has this ME first, EVERYONE second mentality. Yes. Yes, YOU first when it comes to self-care, and taking care of your mental state. No, not YOU first when you see the mother of three struggling to get on the train with bags in but you knock her almost to grown, running for the only available seat; so you can get to it before she does.

What I am saying is. We are too selfish as a society. Our selfishness has made us miserable, depressed and evil, stopping us (ya’ll,)  from receiving all your  blessing. Being selfish is blocking you from receiving all your blessings Sue Helen.

So be a little nicer next time someone is in your way. Be the change we need in this fucking world.

Be a little nicer when you’ve been waiting on line for what seems like eternity and you finally reach the cashier. Instead of rolling your eyes, well because I’m pretty sure he’s more pissed about the long lines, smile…it raises your energy frequencies….more blessings.

When you KNOW you told the young man at Starbucks “Coconut Milk”, but he makes your drink using 2% milk. Do not Fret. Do not get Upset. Say…”hey *smile* I said coconut milk, not 2% milk”, and he replies with an attitude….. DO NOT FRET. DO NOT GET UPSET. Smile….it raises your energy frequencies….more blessings. Say *smile* “Can you PLEASE make this with Coconut milk *smile*

Look small changes….but huge differences.

The point I am trying to make is that we NEED to change as a society. We NEED to change as humans sharing this world. While my views and opinions are limited to just America, and mostly the NYC area, still. It’s evident that we are not Patient nor Kind when dealing with each other. We’re impatient, aggressive, selfish, mean, and miserable. Everything but Patient and Kind. Our society (New Yorkers =) ) have become so accustomed to being miserable and sad that the moment anyone demonstrates any other behavior or trait; we look at them as if they have 2 heads spinning out of fucking control.

And that is the problem.

Being nice shouldn’t be abnormal.

You should be stared at like the wild Banchee you are.

Being nice should be the norm.

You beautiful Butterfly you.

This entire post also stems from the fact that I’ve been taking a deeper look at my own energy levels, and how impacted it is by society.

I just realized how much I was allowing outside sources kill, deplete, fuck up my efforts to be a positive butterfly.

And its like Why.

I am not miserable

I am not angry

I am not sad

I am Patient

I am Kind

I am a beautiful Butterfly.

Therefore Peace the fuck out Sue Helen with your negative attitude and bullshit. I DO NOT NEED IT. Nor do you.




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