You Live the Life, You Think you Deserve.

Why do people live such shitty lives. I feel like this is my 10th post on the reasons we continue, day in- day out to accept and live such shitty lives.

I am so tired of riding on the train with miserable fucking people, who have chosen a life of mediocrity, and are now frustrated and angered with their simpleton lives.

This comes from a place of my own frustration because I am beginning to realize how individuals really choose their lives.

Somewhere along the road from when we are young hopeful, fearless, untainted children to when we become these hopeless, fearful, and tainted adults, we lose hold of the concept and idea “YOU ARE IN CONTROL”

We become pessimistic and in becoming pessimistic, accept a life undesired, or at least undesired by self. Meaning you become so funky about shit in life, you subconsciously accept a shitty life; because subconsciously you think that is the life you deserve.

You live the life you think you Deserve.

If you believe you deserve to ride the MTA each day or will ride the MTA for the rest of your life- Then why would life randomly give you an Audi- You’ve proclaimed that you are only Metro-card worthy.

If you believe you will work that bullshit, wack-ass job you hate for the rest of your living life, guest what Sally- Why the fuck would life make you into a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, where you feel that you are only worthy of clocking into someone else’s Fortune 500 company.

If you believe that HE is the best you can get/have, with all his bullshit and extra flaws. If you think he is your best! Better than the rest! Yet you spend your evening commute, prepping yourself to deal with HIM, once you get home- WHY SALLY! Would life hand you a fucking Kofi Siriboe, Jidenna, or any other good serving man-when you have made it clear you are only worthy of the corner store Day-Days and that ain’t shit party promoter Marcus.

Basically, the point I am trying to make is…..

You live the life you think you Deserve. 

You believe you Deserve the Best!

          Then You will have the Best.

I deserve abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life,

I will have abundance and prosperity in all aspects of MY life.

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Growing and learning with every new sunrise and sunset. This blog is me finally taking control, because well "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"...nobody. No, but seriously just creating a space where I can share, vent and maybe brighten up a few people's day :).

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