This Week I plan to….

This week I plan to take a step back, and really evaluate the situation:

  • Stop assuming the world is against you.
  • Start assuming the best.
  • Be ready to defend yourself, but lets not always be ready for a fight.
  • If you feel as if you said too much on a subject, and you’re still going. STOP.
    • Let us not feed into, contribute, or entertain the bullshit this week.

This week I plan to ignore my Co-Teacher and her bitch-ass ways:

  • This is your temporary situation, this is her end all be all.
    • She will be teaching until her titties hit the floor.
  • No need for attitude, but no need to entertain.
  • If she starts on her shit, do not REACT. Take a STEP BACK then SPEAK.
  • This week” she gets what she gets, and the bitch better not get upset!”

This week I plan to be nicer to myself when I find myself getting lost in thoughts of what use to be:

  • Everything happens for a reason, and our situation played out the way it did because it was meant to.
  • It’s okay to be sad, just don’t stay sad.
  • Take responsibility for your faults, but do not let time and distance cause you to forget his faults.
  • Its okay to still be angry.
  • Its okay to still miss him.

This week I plan on not letting my Anxiety get the best of me:

  • I am not my Anxiety.
  • I am stronger than my Anxiety.
  • Take 3 Deep Breaths.
  • You are stronger than your Anxiety.

This week I will work on a Business Plan:

  • “Are you tired of  making someone else rich?”
  • “Then Bitch, Where is your business plan?!”

This week I plan to smile more than I did last week.

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