40 is definitely the new 20.

I use to think the time to shine was in your 20s (Fab 20s!). Then I turned 20, and then 25 and I realized..mm maybe 20s are your breakthrough years…your breakthrough years into your fabulous shine years…maybe.

All the bad bitches….WOMEN, I admire. Were not the amazing boss bitches…WOMEN that they are until they were in their 40s.

So, while the 20s are still fabulous, and getting more fabulous!

I am content and happy with the new notion of Fab 40s!!!!!

TooT TooT!


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Growing and learning with every new sunrise and sunset. This blog is me finally taking control, because well "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"...nobody. No, but seriously just creating a space where I can share, vent and maybe brighten up a few people's day :).

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