Argh! People are so frustrating, or maybe I just have too little patience.

Either way, a sunny-warm day in New York City’s streets always remind me why I fantasize about owning my own island, with its own Pizzeria’s, Thrift Shops and Sephoras.

I can not do crowds, I can not do swarms of people moving around selfishly, without considering any other person sharing the block with them.

No ma’m you can not just STOP walking in the middle of the block, as a crowd of people try to get to their own destinations.

No sir, why would you think leaning against the subway door, and holding on to the above rail would be it.

Tourist. I understand. I get it. But please. Move.

Today was the first warm day of spring in New York City. And everyone wanted a piece of it.

Including me.

And as much as cringed each time I had to two-step with someone, trying to figure out “You go left, I’ll go right”, no “You go right, I’ll go left.” Or, trying to find a comfortable spot to stand on the train, without offering more than I was willing to give to that accepting young man. Or, the fucking lines.

I’m ready for warmer days, and more days of saying “I hate crowds” only to miss the crowds when it’s too quiet.

Bring it NYC, bring it with your hell-like summer heat, your crowded streets, and even the tourists.

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