Think no more.

I want to run away from my thoughts, because sometimes they’re more than I can handle, or want to handle. I feel physically tired from the constant thinking. My mental exhaustion has now taken over my entire body. I am physically exhausted. So exhausted I’m not even sure how I make it through the day. Make it through the hour. Everything is a task. A task I don’t want to deal with.

Mornings- Ughhhhh

Afternoons- Ughhhh


That is my day. Or how I feel like my days go.

I just want to take a nap, like a thinking nap. With my eyes open.

I need to escape my thoughts.

I have to.

Then I’ll be okay.

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Growing and learning with every new sunrise and sunset. This blog is me finally taking control, because well "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"...nobody. No, but seriously just creating a space where I can share, vent and maybe brighten up a few people's day :).

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