My Mornings…

Waking up in a room with a large window

Outside all you can see are trees

Trees, Mountains, Grass and Lakes.

It’s Fall, and the leaves are changing color.

I open the French doors that lead outside.

Outside I find a small yet beautifully set sitting area.

There coffee on the table.

With my long fluffy white robe, with forest green print, I take a seat.

Taking in the scenery. Breathing in the cool air.

The birds are chirping. The air smells fresh and crisps, with a lingering smell of apple-everything.

This is so Peaceful.

After my morning coffee outside, with that amazing view.. I come in to start the day.

Morning workout, followed by morning meditation.

Followed by my daily musical ballads

From there it is time to get dress…

My closet gives you Cher Horowitz vibes

Heading to my office, driving.

MTA such a distant memory.

Driving to my office in my luxury car, blasting a combination of hoodrat-thotty songs, Janet Jackson and Disney musicals.

You can’t tell me shit sir!

Finally up stairs.

Greet my staff, place the offices’ breakfast orders for my staff

And get started on business.

Before the morning is over, the alarm on my phone goes off.


“Alexa call Home-Home!”

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