Hello! Where’s my Order?

You call the waiter over and place an order at a restaurant….

You’ve been looking at the menu for over 15 minutes…You know exactly what you want to order…What you want to get.

The waiter comes over, ready to listen, ready to take down your order.

You say “I’ll have the________”

Order is placed. Now you wait.

As you’re waiting, the waiter refills your glass with water, and places extra napkins on the table.

You’re not sure why the waiter has filled your glass up with MORE water, you already had enough in your glass.

You just want your order at this point, not more water.

10 mins later, the waiter comes around again and brings you more napkins

And, why did they bring out extra napkins. You don’t need extra napkins. That’s not what you ordered.

You begin to get impatient. Upset. So you call the waiter over and ask “Hello! Where is my order, I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes. You’ve brought out water, brought out some more, but I’m still waiting on my order. Where is my order?!”

The waiter hears you, asks you to “Please be patient, it will be coming out soon”

And pours more water into your cup.

Now. You are frustrated. Why is it taking so long for your order to come out.

You decide -enough. You’re tired of waiting and you’re not even sure if you want what you have already ordered.

You get up to leave, as you’re making your way to the door, you look back. Only to see the waiter coming out of the kitchen with your order. Before you can wave her down, or make it back to your seat, she has already returned with your order, back to the kitchen.

Too many time when we try to manifest or attract something into our lives, we act like an impatient-bitchy patron at a restaurant.

We put in our order…what we are trying to manifest/attract

And we wait for the waiter..Universe…to deliver it.

Here’s where we fuck up. We’re impatient.

We constantly call the universe asking, begging for our order, over and over again.

As if we’re nervous that the Universe, or waiter, has forgotten our order.

If we treat our manifestations and whatever it is we are trying to attract as we do an order at a restaurant. We would see that Law of Attraction really works, it’s when we are impatient, pushy or doubtful(fearful); only then does it not work or takes way longer to work.

Treat you manifestations like an order. Give the Waiter(Universe) your order, and just wait and know that it will be coming out sooner or later.

Don’t rush it.

Don’t keep asking for it.

Don’t just get up and leave, because you’ve become too impatient, or filled by doubt of it’s arrival.

Because baby-boo……The Universe will just go right back to the kitchen with that order. And you’ll just be watching from the entrance.

**I would like to give some credit recognition of this post to Isabel Palacios on Youtube, and her video “How to Detach & Act As if to Manifest your Desires”, which inspired this post. **

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