Tennessee Whiskey

Let me tell you guys how this White man from little ole Nashville, Tennessee has been giving me my whole life these last few days.

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I present to you Mr. Chris Stapleton, and his beautiful-soothing-enchanting…yes she said enchanting song “Tennessee Whiskey”.

Some of you may already know him, and I won’t go too deep into detail about his career or history because for (1) I randomly found him on the “Amy Winehouse” Pandora station, (2) He’s a country singer, um the only country singer I know is Tim McGraw (thank you Nelly), (3) he’s a country singer from Nashville,Tennessee (idk if he’s a racist..sorry)..But great voice, Awesome song!


The song is basically about finding a love that grabs you, right before you fall of the cliff. In Mr. Stapleton’s case, he found woman sooo amazing, sooo great…she made him forget all about the liquor because…wait while I wipe a tear…..SHE’S BETTER THAN THAT FUCKING BOTTLE…..

“I used to spend my nights out in a barroom
Liquor was the only love I’ve known
But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom
And brought me back from being too far gone”

Although I’m not reaching for the bottle…Well because my stomach would never cooperate, different story for another day.

I may not relate in that sense, but I understood. I understand.

We all want to be saved or I guess find an escape from daily bullshit.

For some of us we just can’t do it alone, and that’s fine.

So the universe sends someone to not GIVE us what we think we lack, but sends someone that can be on our side. To join us on our own self-journey. Whatever journey that may be.

That person may help you even see the world differently.

I’ve been really sad lately just with the direction my love life has taken, and just trying to figure out what’s next…while still being optimistic.

Thank You Chris, Christopher. Your song has given me a little hope, a little hope that I can hold on to just a little longer.

You even made me consider moving to Nashville, Hm.


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