Ikigai: The reason for being.

A question, or term that I have been struggling with for the last few weeks, few years. Lately, finding my Ikigai has been causing me a lot of frustration. I know I’m not alone in this. We’re constantly hearing the stories of people going crazy trying to find their life purpose, or going crazy because they never found their life purpose.

Every day that I continue working my 9-5, living in my small over-crowded apartment, having no real substantial relationships, I feel like I am wasting away…just wasting.

And I am tired of wasting my life, or living with out purpose.

Part of Ikigai (paraphrase) is to:

  1. What do you Love?
    1. Writing
    2. Reading
    3. Being in Nature (Not living in it)
    4. Painting, Drawing.
    5. Listening to Music.
  2. What does the World need?
    1. Better Institutes for those in need.
    2. Mentoring of the Youth, so they don’t turn out like us.
    3. Books that celebrate EVERYONE.
    4. Spirituality.
  3. Something that Pays?
    1. Writing
    2. Painting
  4. Something your good at?
    1. Writing
    2. Being a listening ear….

If you were paying attention, you would realize how the amount of bullpoints for each section. decreased with each question.

And those two question are what have me stuck in life.

I know what I am passionate about, and what I love doing. I also know, or based on what I see around me, what the world needs.

Now, what I am trying to figure out is
(a) How can I make money with my Passion
(b) How can I turn my passion into a Vocation (is that how you say it?

Help me!

So. Starting today, and everyday forward…..

I will work on my passion, whether that is writing, painting, drawing, or just listening to music for an hour. In hopes that by working on my passion I can figure out how to use my passions to better the world around me (us). Thenn, with this new understanding. I will figure out how to profit off of my passions. And finially! I’ll turn my passion into a career.

That’s the plan.

Keep your stories, and negative thoughts to yourself.

I will not be, and can not be part of this vicious cycle so many people go through.

Time for some Ikigai searching…..

I’m pretty sure God, has sent me help. Sent me signs. Sent me big bold arrows.

I’m pretty sure I ignored them all.

But I am ready.

I am ready and worthy of finding my Purpose!

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