“Green Slime French Toast with Monster Faced Eggs”

The kids have been up since 5 am. Michael and I could hear Josiah, at 5:15, saying “Niko! its only 5:15, we can’t go in there yet, come on we need to walk on eggshells!”. “In there” being our bedroom. Known rule: If no one is hurt, bleeding, or missing “You do not come into Mommy and Daddy’s room before a certain hour on Sundays, or else.” Or else you may ruin your innocent little eyes. or worse, wake us up. Michael and I listened to their little feet make their ways down our wooden stair case. A staircase I despised, but Michael insisted on. The staircase STOOD OUT, our home is like a white canvas, with splatters of colors (our furniture) all over. It did not have a wooden cabin themed, but it “reminded” Michael of summers in Minnesota.

Now 7:15 am, we felt like we were pushing our luck with allowing the boys to wonder around the house, and they sounded just a little too peaceful down there. Refusing to get up, but both nervous about the possible damaged caused by Josiah and Niko being up alone. We finally got out of bed.

Slipping on my robe that I got on our trip in Nicaragua, I opened our bedroom door. Making my way through the quiet hallway, I thought “Were they even still in the house? Well, hopefully they were still on our property…. hopefully they were still on our property and alive..”

It’s normal for the kids to be up, super early. At one point, Michael and I had turned it into a game, a competition. Could we wake up earlier than our energy bursting sons? No. We failed and lost. We were going strong for 3 weekends straight. Then Michael got a new client and I began working on a new project. The competition ended, the extra hour of sleep was more important than proving we were as resilient and energized as our 7yrs and 9 yrs.

Today was a little special, which is why we were blessed with an earlier wake-up call than usual. Niko has been wanting to make “Green slime French Toast with Monster Faced Eggs” all week! Since Monday morning, when he first asked on his way to school. He found the recipe in his “Totally Gross Cooking Book”, which he got for Christmas as a gift from my mom.

This year was “Chef Niko” year. Niko declared during summer after going to a cooking class for dads and sons that he wants to be a Chef when he grows up. So it’s been everything “Chef-fy”. Chef’s clothing, Cooking shows, recipe books. This Sunday Morning was actually cooking like a Chef.

Downstairs we went, to find that both boys had fallen back asleep on the couch. Now I understood why it had gotten so quiet.

“WAKE UP!” Michael yelled, startling both the boys and I.

Josiah, my calmer of the two, looked at his father with a look of bewilderment. While Niko began roaring and beating on his chest.

Me, I walked over to the counter to make coffee. It was going to be long morning….

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