Day 65.

He could just be a hurt child. Living in the body of man, who is screaming for a hug and a listening ear.

He could be a narcissist, who feels invincible and above society’s rule.

There are multiple parts to a story. We will only hear pieces. Choosing what to believe. Choosing what to ignore.

Either way he is wrong. Fact. He knew better. He was the Adult. He had the power. He abused his power, and took advantage of individuals (young girls) who were gullible, naive and also in need of a hug (yes).

So, this is not me taking the side of that man. No. But, to say I don’t think there’s a lot more to the story, to his story, I would be lying.

Do I think he’s a monster, honestly….no

I think he’s toxic.

He’s a toxic being that has been failed, let down, and abandoned. All things that could fuck any of us up. However, he is not the first nor the last little boy to feel failed, let down and abandoned. So…

I don’t believe in persecuting victims….but I don’t know how much of a victim he actually is at this point. He has caused so much damage.

At some point it’s like, you’re making excuses.

He uses his history as a crutch, and we have allowed him to. Sometimes handing him the crutch, without him asking for it.

I don’t know. We all know his past, and we’ve shared sympathy for it.

I do know. He is not the first and only victim! There are hundreds of individuals in the world that share his same history, and have experienced the same trauma. Are they raping, molesting, kidnapping, and damaging young girls? No.

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