Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Melt-away Cleansing Balm.

“You have to remove your make-up!” “No sleeping in your Make-up!” “Take your freaking Make-up off!” We’ve all heard the timeless, repetitive warnings to always remove your make-up before going to bed….always. Actually, you should remove your make up before even washing with face soap. That way you get a reallly squeaky clean face. I want to share with you all someone, something, that has been my best friend for the last 2 months. Hopefully 2 months is enough to persuade you, to fork it up for this product. I got the mini size (the one that is on display while your online contemplating all the other unnecessary things you’ve bought, but heyy here’s this other product you may not it. I’m happy I bought it!). INTRODUCING: GREEN-CLEAN FARMACY- MAKE UP MELTAWAY CLEANSING BALM
Melt your make-up right off your face” -me
Product Description from Sephora: What it is: An award-winning makeup remover and face cleanser in one that instantly melts virtually all makeup, leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth. Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily Formulation: Cream Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness and uneven texture Price: Standard $34.00; Mini (Travel Size) $22.00. My Review, Thoughts: What are you waiting for! It comes with a spatula…..I threw mines out, like a dummy. This product is ideal, because it actually melts the make up off of your face. It’s not a new product, but I don’t think it’s been shared or talked about as much as it should. I hated using make-up wipes because that usually meant using 2-3 make-up wipes, which always made me feel like I was throwing away money. Farmacy- Green Clean Makeup Melt-away Cleansing balm, really works! With half the spender’s grief. Using just a small amount of product, rubbed between your hands, and you have removed that THICK layer of mascara, alllllll of that foundation. It even works against NYX Epic Lip Dyes (that shit does not come off). The product smells exactly as it is packaged and marketed, fresh. Washing the product off of your face also requires little to no effort, just splashing some water onto your face; and finishing it off with your face soap (you can just use a wet wash cloth -no soap). I love this product and will continue using it, until I find something cheaper and better, or its been recalled/discontinued. Final Words for YOU: DO YOU WANT TO LOOK AS HAPPY AND FLAWLESS AS THE GIRL IN THIS PICTURE?…
Start with how you take care of your skin. If you can make the effort to wear make-up everyday, make the effort to practice proper skin care EVERYDAY. Starting with the right make-up removal product!

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