Day 7 of 366

It’s not that bad. It’s all about perspective. Right, how you see things.

Day 6 of 366

I thought about it, and thought about it And thought about it some more. I’m not ready. Maybe, I am I’ll think about it some more tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

Day 5 of 366

I made a promise not to compromise, not to settle, not to just accept. I made a list, and I’ve checked and revised it 20 trillion times. No compromising! No Settling! But! I’ve let you in, unaware and naive. I’ve let you in, and feelings have been caught, but you don’t meet the requirements on…

On your mark, get set, go….wait! Now, go!

Wow Wow Wow…I really dropped the ball last year, and I’m not too proud about that. I can give the regular B.S excuses like “I was soo busy”, “I didn’t have the time”, “I’m too tired”. Right B.S.. Truth. I got overwhelmed, mm, maybe underwhelmed with life. I had officially joined the “rat race”, and…

Day 73.

New Beginnings are ALWAYS Scary, The “What-if’s”..What if this is one big fucking mistake? But, Remember…New beginnings are ALSO Exciting. “”What if this is one of the best fucking things to happen to me?” My advice…To you..Myself: Embrace new beginnings, embrace the changes, take that chance… “Thank You God, for the doors that are constantly…

Day 72.

Rooms filled to capacity The bathroom has a permanent occupied sign hanging on the door The sound of the toilet constantly flushing, door opening and closing, footsteps heard heading back to bed, or w.e claimed space. No corner left empty

Day 71.

Rambunctious High School-ers, yelling and screaming as they make their way down the block…  Children in school uniforms, faces greased up, hair filled with bobbles, holding their parent’s hands…screaming, hopping and jumping along the way My Wednesday walk to the train. 

Day 70.

“Put it in my mouth Pussy or dick? I said my muthafuckin mouth ” You should all take a listen this morning “Put it in your Mouth” Akinyele! Start your Tuesday off right! …..You need headphones. Happy Tuesday!

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Melt-away Cleansing Balm.

“You have to remove your make-up!” “No sleeping in your Make-up!” “Take your freaking Make-up off!” We’ve all heard the timeless, repetitive warnings to always remove your make-up before going to bed….always. Actually, you should remove your make up before even washing with face soap. That way you get a reallly squeaky clean face. I…

Day 67, 68, 69.

Hopefully you got enough sleep last night! Hopefully you didn’t forget about daylights saving. It’s 2019, so idk how you did but…. Hopefully you’ve already enjoyed your cup of coffee and had a yummy breakfast! Happy Monday….Here’s to a GREAT week!

“Hey Girl”

“Its okay to be alone. Being Alone and being Lonely, are two different things. If you sit around waiting for your “Squad” to appear, that’s all you will be doing. Sitting around. Waiting. Go out by yourself. Take yourself to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Do that Zumba class. Get those flight tickets!…

Day 66.

Personal Space! Accept it and Respect it! I shouldn’t be able to smell your breath on line…. You’re too close!