Day 5 of 366

I made a promise not to compromise, not to settle, not to just accept. I made a list, and I’ve checked and revised it 20 trillion times. No compromising! No Settling! But! I’ve let you in, unaware and naive. I’ve let you in, and feelings have been caught, but you don’t meet the requirements on…

“Hey Girl”

“Next time you’re walking down the side walk. I dare you to look down! I dare you! You know what’s on the floor, dirt. You are not dirt! Look up!”

Day 62 and Day 63.

You call me up, tell me to get dress, you’re outside waiting…. Pull up to Gate 52, “Where are we going?” “All of the places you’ve dreamt!”

A Foreseeable Love.

He wraps me up in a love that I have never experienced. A love that for so long, had left me hungry and starving, yearning and wanting for years. His love is beyond what I could have imagined. But I saw him, I knew he was coming, I knew you would come. I manifested you….

A love

A love as warm as listening to jazz as you type away on the keyboards, A love so fresh and exciting, like opening a book you’ve been waiting to read forever, after hearing everyone else speak about it, even Oprah! And finally…finally! Finally getting to read that first page. A love as satisfying as a…

I said it Before. I’ll say it Again

I say this all the time but! Ohhhhh how people settle Tisk Tisk Tisk Society should begin putting a stigma on those who settle! You leper you! If you settle…You can’t sit with us. So Stop settling for bullshit jobs Stop settling for bullshit relationships. Stop settling for bullshit anything.

Love from afar

I’m starting to realize and understand that while I love my family LOVE…idk if I like them all the time…and I struggled with that for a while…but I think I’m becoming okay with that.

If you focus on WHY people do the things they do. You will go CRAZY.

Focusing on people and why they do the things they do will drive you crazy. We live in a world that has created a society filled with Angry, Selfish, Paranoid and Inconsiderate individuals. Our society has this ME first, EVERYONE second mentality. Yes. Yes, YOU first when it comes to self-care, and taking care of…


Smile Kat: Smile when you’ve been trying the entire day to stay positive, but you feel old, dangerous, and negative habits creeping up…Smile, You are going through a process. A process that isn’t easy, but definitely worth it. A process that will require being both Patient + Kind, with Kat. Smile even after the tenth…

It’s Okay to Take a Moment…

Take a Moment to Breathe… I think tomorrow I’ll go out with my camera. I am brave enough. Even if it’s only 2 good pictures. Or, Just 2 pictures…. People aren’t judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.

I am choosing

I am choosing to stay ZEN I am manifesting POSITIVE CHANGES I am POSITIVE I am HOPEFUL I am FEARLESS NO MORE OVER-THINKING Give HIM your problems!  

“Manman’s Dearest”

At what point do you stop living for your parents, and start livingfor you? This question is even harder to answer when your parents are immigrants from a country that believes you are a child until you have a child, and even then you are seen as just a child- with-a-child. A 40 years old “teen-mom”.