Exit Left

Sometimes I can see myself completely removing myself from society. Not for a very long time. Just long enough to actually miss it. Society is draining and I’m just not sure how cut-out I am for it sometimes. I cringe at the thought of the smallest human interactions. I would miss my train stop to…

I said it Before. I’ll say it Again

I say this all the time but! Ohhhhh how people settle Tisk Tisk Tisk Society should begin putting a stigma on those who settle! You leper you! If you settle…You can’t sit with us. So Stop settling for bullshit jobs Stop settling for bullshit relationships. Stop settling for bullshit anything.

The truth

My students are beginning to catch on that I hate being their teacher….lol…it’s the truth! Spawns of Satan

Love from afar

I’m starting to realize and understand that while I love my family LOVE…idk if I like them all the time…and I struggled with that for a while…but I think I’m becoming okay with that.

My people. Sometimes we just be doing too much. But I get it.

While I love my people, like absolutely fucking love ya”ll. But! Bro! Black people do the absolute most. Which honestly doesn’t help us, or me when I ‘m out here fighting our case against these white people…not that kind of post, so please no “We don’t care what they think”.  We do the absolute most,…

If you focus on WHY people do the things they do. You will go CRAZY.

Focusing on people and why they do the things they do will drive you crazy. We live in a world that has created a society filled with Angry, Selfish, Paranoid and Inconsiderate individuals. Our society has this ME first, EVERYONE second mentality. Yes. Yes, YOU first when it comes to self-care, and taking care of…

Tell me it’s going to be OK.

It’s going to be Ok Kat. It’s going to be fine. It will all be OKAY…. Today was definitely a “trying” day. I went back to work, which was also a realization that while things will change, this is still my current situation. There were many points throughout the day where I really took a…


Smile Kat: Smile when you’ve been trying the entire day to stay positive, but you feel old, dangerous, and negative habits creeping up…Smile, You are going through a process. A process that isn’t easy, but definitely worth it. A process that will require being both Patient + Kind, with Kat. Smile even after the tenth…

It’s Okay to Take a Moment…

Take a Moment to Breathe… I think tomorrow I’ll go out with my camera. I am brave enough. Even if it’s only 2 good pictures. Or, Just 2 pictures…. People aren’t judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.

I am choosing

I am choosing to stay ZEN I am manifesting POSITIVE CHANGES I am POSITIVE I am HOPEFUL I am FEARLESS NO MORE OVER-THINKING Give HIM your problems!  

“Manman’s Dearest”

At what point do you stop living for your parents, and start livingfor you? This question is even harder to answer when your parents are immigrants from a country that believes you are a child until you have a child, and even then you are seen as just a child- with-a-child. A 40 years old “teen-mom”.


I am in this weird place in life right now. I’m stuck in between a place of hopelessness and pure optimism. It’s hard to explain. Day by Day my attitude and perspective on things are constantly fluctuating and changing. One day I am on top of the world, possibilities are endless. Other days, I am…